Zero Waste Plastic Free Products

Our Story

Unique Products, Unique Stories

Jungle Culture started on a trip to Vietnam. We visited a small, family-run bamboo farm that specialised in hand-crafted, eco-friendly products. We loved the values of the family, and we loved the products that they made. We helped them expand and now we collaborate to make various different zerowaste products.

Since then, we have travelled to different places around the world in search of other small manufacturers that share our values in sustainable production.

As we grow, we plan to introduce even more exciting products, made by some of the most inspiring people we have ever met.

3 Principles

Principle 1: Fair and honest manufacturing

Anyone who helps make Jungle products becomes part of our family. We have very close relationships with all of our suppliers and that means that we give them a fair price for everything that they do.

The farmers that help us make Jungle products really are some of the friendliest people we know. They are fantastic and they share our values. We treat them with respect and in turn they make our products with love and to a high standard.

Principle 2: Taking the burden away from the customer

Globalisation has made 21st century society a much more complicated place to live. In the past, you could buy a bag of groceries and be safe in the knowledge that they were grown locally, packaged in a paper bag that was biodegradable and the profits would help to support the family of the man or woman who ran the greengrocers.

Nowadays, buying anything comes with unintended consequences. A simple meal at a local restaurant could have ingredients sourced from 3 continents. The cutlery, tablecloths and cooking utensils could have been made anywhere, and in unethical circumstances, and as a consumer we would have no idea.

At Jungle Culture we firmly believe that it is not the customer’s burden to do this research. We believe that businesses should bear the responsibility to ensure that their products and services are made ethically. That is why we take a hands-on approach to product sourcing. If we make a product, we visit the farm or factory that makes it, oversee their operation and make sure that everything is created fairly.

Principle 3: Zerowaste without the added cost

We believe that zerowaste products should be affordable for everyone. The only way the plastic problem can be solved is if everyone can buy alternative products without being forced to spend too much of their hard-earned money.

That is why we are always looking into ways to save money and reduce our costs so that we can pass the savings onto our customers. We have consistently lowered the price of the products we make since we started trading last year and we will continue to do so as we grow.