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Are Women’s Razors More Expensive?

Are Women’s Razors More Expensive? The Truth Behind the Price Disparity

When it comes to sustainable shaving, the quality of your razor is directly reflected in how you look and feel; it determines how close of a shave you get and how your skin appears afterward. Both men and women require the best razors that get the job done without snagging or cutting the skin. So if the intents and purposes are similar, why are women paying such outrageous prices for their brightly colored razors? In this article, we’ll share some of the research behind why women’s razors tend to be more expensive and catch you up to speed on the history behind this disparity. 

Is There a Price Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Razors?

Some retailers have publicly announced reductions in the price of women’s razors over the past few years, ending decades of price disparity based on gender, with Tesco being a notable example.

However, the perception that women’s razors cost more still lingers with various studies in the US and published on Yahoo claiming that women pay a higher price for the same shave.

So, how do we get to the truth?

A quick browse onGillette's website might help, but with some razors offering heated blades, others with vibration technology, the price difference between genders becomes muddied.

If we look at the studies, data suggests that women pay an average of 11-13% more than men do for their shaving accessories. But is this really true?

Comparing prices on Gillette’s website, one thing is clear. Although women’s razors may be marginally more expensive. Men’s razors are offered in a wider range with pricing going up to £50.00 for a razor. Women’s razors were more basic, with the most expensive razor coming in at just £11.00.

This suggests that women may have to pay more for a basic razor, but men are more likely to be upsold with expensive shaving features.

Is There a Functional Difference Between Men and Women Razors?

Men’s razors

Men’s single-use or reusable razors currently on the market ranged dramatically in price and in features. The most basic razors were being sold for less than 50p whilst higher end razors were being sold for £50 or more.

Features that we found included heated razor heads, vibration and gel dispensers.

Women’s razors

Women’s razors had far less features than their male counterparts, but many came with scented strips and had the appearance of a “safer” shave. With protective guards typically placed around the blades themselves.

Does it Matter if a Man Uses a Woman's Razor? & Does it Matter if Women use Men’s Razors?

There are a ton of videos online showing men using women’s razors and vice versa. Here is one by Buzzfeed.

The only real difference between a men’s single-use razor and a women’s is that women’s razors are curved which is supposed to help women see where they’re shaving whilst shaving their legs.

This minor difference has a very small impact on shaving, so in this sense, maybe the question shouldn’t be which razor is cheaper, it should be, why are all razors not unisex?

Unisex safety razors have existed for a long-time and it’s time that single-use razors caught up!

How to save money shaving

At Jungle Culture, we promote the use of safety razors. Safety razors enable anyone (men or women) to shave at the same price, much more cheaply than if they used a single-use razor.

If you do prefer to use plastic razors, don’t let marketing messages and pink plastic make a purchasing decision for you. Simply, choose the best razor for you at the best price and ignore the product gender. 

How We’re Breaking the Mould at Jungle Culture

In contrast to the traditional pricing model in the shaving industry, we proudly present our range of unisex razors, priced equally for all. Our commitment to equality extends beyond just words; it's directly reflected in our pricing strategy. By offering unisex safety razors, we eliminate the need for gender-based marketing and challenge the status quo in an industry that has long been dictated by stereotypes. Shop our eco-friendly, sustainable razor options online and experience a close shave without the added cost.


The idea that women’s razors are more expensive than men’s razors is still up for debate. Women’s razors may be slightly more expensive according to studies, but it’s clear that men’s razors have a much higher price ceiling.

For this reason, it may actually be men paying more for a clean shave. But without seeing sales data from big shaving companies, it’s hard for us to know.

What’s important is that we debunk the myth that razors are not unisex. Anyone can use any razor, period. 

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