At Jungle Culture we have a unique view on product sourcing. We have created an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Part of our philosophy as an ethical business is to empower and support developing communities by working together to create environmentally friendly, unique plastic-alternatives. Our range of eco-friendly products are all responsibly sourced, in person, by us, so that you, the consumer does not have to bear the burden of responsibility when you shop with Jungle Culture.

Developing a sustainable supply chain isn’t easy. Our team have spent years searching for high-quality Earth-friendly products, produced by people whose values are aligned to ours. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people that made Jungle Culture possible.

Discover the cultural story behind our reusable bamboo straw sets.

Visit our workshops in rural Vietnam where we craft our reusable utensils.

Learn how your bowls help tackle poverty in southern Vietnam.

Natural Soaps

Jungle Culture's range of natural soaps are handmade in Vietnam by artisan soap makers. Our entire range of cold-pressed soaps are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, palm oil free and plastic-free. Switching to a plastic-free body soap is an important, but easy step in creating a zero waste bathroom!

Our eco-friendly solid soap bars are rich in organic essential oils and have a low water content, meaning that they last much longer than traditional soap bars. All of our natural body soaps and exfoliating soaps are made unisex, for women and for men + because we only use pure and natural ingredients (no nasty chemicals), our soaps are perfect for sensitive skin! All soaps are packaged plastic-free and our ethical soap bars are made using slow, cold-pressed techniques!
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Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 103 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 103 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 103 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 103 reviews

Vegan Soap Bars

Jungle Culture’s range of natural soap bars are all made using 100% natural and organic ingredients, with the exception of sodium hydroxide (a key component in all body soap). Our range of eco-friendly and sustainable soaps have been certified micro-plastic free and contain absolutely no palm-oil. All of our vegan-friendly soap bars are ethically and sustainably sourced, made using a luxurious coconut oil base and scented using high-quality organic essential oils.

We have cultivated an environmentally-friendly supply chain to ensure that all of our sustainable soap bars have minimal impact on the environment and planet. Our zero waste body soaps make the perfect plastic-free gift idea for her or him!

Visit each individual soap page for more information on the characteristics and properties of our natural body soaps!

FAQs - Natural Soap Bars

Are your natural soap bars cruelty-free?

Yes. All of our soap bars are cruelty-free and vegan, meaning that we do not test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. We handcraft all our bars with the utmost care, using only sustainable and organic materials.

How are natural soap bars different from regular soap bars?

Natural soap bars are made with natural and organic ingredients, whereas regular soap bars often contain chemicals and synthetic additives.

You can rest assured that our natural soap bars are free from parabens, sulphates and harsh detergents that can be found in some commercial soaps, ensuring a gentle touch on your skin.

How long does each bar last?

The longevity of each soap bar depends on usage, but typically each soap bar will last 2-3 weeks.

How should I store my soap bars to make them last longer?

Here are some ways to maximise the longevity of your soap bars:

1. Store them in a cool, dry place.
2. Keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity.
3. Use a soap dish with proper drainage to prevent them from getting soggy.

Benefits of Our Natural Soap Bars

Gentle on your skin

Handmade with love and organic ingredients, our natural soap bars are gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Our bars cleanse smoothly without stripping away your skin's natural oils, leaving it soft and moisturised. Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort with every wash.

Every purchase supports local farmers

We produce our soap bars from locally sourced, sustainably farmed materials, harnessing the power of nature.

Handmade by small-scale producers and artisans, our bars support local farmers and communities in Southern Vietnam. As an ethical business, Jungle Culture believes in empowering and supporting developing communities by collaborating to create environmentally friendly products.

By choosing our soap bars, you're not only choosing natural ingredients and longer-lasting products but also supporting sustainable practices that conserve water and energy in manufacturing and transportation.

Join us in making a positive impact.

Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment to the environment starts with our packaging; we use recycled cardboard boxes and paper-stuffed envelopes for your orders. No ink wasted on labels, thanks to our laser printer. Even the protective packaging is kraft paper.

Our packing tape? Made from paper!

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