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What Is Shaving Soap?

Have you ever wondered - what shaving soap to use or which shaving soap is the best for your skin? 

When creating our new line of natural soaps, we wanted to provide our sustainable shavers with the best shaving soap bar. One with luxurious moisturising qualities to enrich your skin whilst at the same time not compromising the natural environment. So now, we’re going to run over all the basics and answer the questions we hear the most. Which are:

  • What is shaving soap?
  • What's the difference between shaving soap and shaving foam? 
  • Is shaving soap better than cream? 
  • How to use shaving soap
  • Which shaving soap is best?

What is shaving soap? 

Originally produced for men’s beards, traditional shaving soap is a hard soap that forms a lather when applied to the skin. In the days of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, shaving soap was mixed in a dish applied using a shaving brush. This would work up a lovely lather prior to shaving. 

These days, good quality shaving soaps, such as theJungle Culture Shaving Soap Bar, lather without the need of a brush. You can rub it directly to your face, legs, or anywhere else that you want to be fuzz-free. 

The purpose of shave soap was to soften the beard prior to shaving with a reusable razor. But, shave soap can be used all over the body and shaving soap bars for women are booming in popularity these days. Such soaps are engineered to form a protective barrier between the skin and razor blade - essential for anyone who practices wet shaving. Standard cleaning soaps are unable to provide the same sort of protection as a specialised shaving bar. So, what's the difference between shaving soap and shaving foam? Well, we’re glad you asked.

What's the difference between shaving soap and shaving foam? 

Shaving creams are another way to prepare the skin for wet shaving. They are available as foams as well as gels and they usually come in aerosol cans or plastic squirt bottles.  

In a nutshell - the main differences are:

  • Shaving foams contain more water which means that they lather up more quickly. They are usually supplied in aerosol cans and the large number of air contributes to a larger lather.
  • Shaving gels produce a slightly silkier lather than foams and are associated with a smoother shaving experience than foams.
  • Unlike shaving creams such as foams and gels, shaving soap requires that water is added in order to lather. Shaving without shaving cream can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor rash!

Is shaving soap better than cream? 

Readily available and cheap to buy, shaving creams, foams and gels have become the most convenient product for wet shaving to pick up when shopping. However, convenience and cheap always comes at a price.

Firstly, the chemicals and ingredients used in these cheap products are not kind to the planet. They emit carcinogens into the air and they do not dissolve properly and once transmitted in local aquatic ecosystems they can pollute the environment of wildlife and flora. Fortunately, our handmade eco-friendly
 shaving soaps are free from detergents, preservatives and chemicals.

Leading on from this, technically aerosol cans are recyclable. But, they are often refused from recycling units and so there are billions of cans clogging up landfills. These cans take years to breakdown - which just isn’t worth it when you consider how many shaves a canned solution gives you; not many. By comparison, a top-quality shaving soap should last at least 6 months. However, our cold-pressed luxury shaving soap can last up to an entire year. It really depends on how often you shave.  

Secondly, shaving creams aren’t so kind to your skin either. All that air inside an aerosol makes it tough for the product to coat the hairs and keep them upright, and this can cause irritation. Plus, they are loaded with toxic glycols, mineral oils and otherchemicals.

So perhaps it’s time to seek a shaving gel or foam replacement for your wet shaving.

How to use shaving soap

So now you know what shaving soap is, let’s talk about how to use it. Applying your zero waste shaving soap when wet shaving is a piece of cake! 

But, just like when you swapped to using a reusable safety razor, it takes a little bit of practice to nail the technique.

Follow our step by step guide on how to use shaving soap: 

  1. Wet the soap with hot water. Depending on what you’re shaving, you can dip it in your washbasin or take it into the shower or tub if you’re shaving your body hair. 
  2. Wet your face and/or body with warm water. Ladies, we recommend that you exfoliate your legs now to ensure a smoother experience.
  3. Rub the soap directly onto your face and/or body until it forms a lather. You may find it easier to rub the shave soap onto a flannel. Play around and see which technique gives you the most suds. 
  4. For more lather, you can repeat the method.
  5. Grab your eco friendly razor and reap the benefits of your at-home barber quality shave!
  6. Once you're finished with your shaving soap, place it on an eco soap dish or hang it in one of our sisal soap savers to extend it's lifespan!

And for a full guide to zero waste shaving, check out our latest blog!

Which shaving soap is best?

Have we convinced you to find a replacement for your shaving gel or foam? Fantastic!

Now, if you want to get the best shaving soap bar on the market - we recommend that you pay close attention to the ingredients. On the whole, an artisan shaving soap made from natural ingredients is going to be better for the environment and better for your skin. Seek a natural shaving bar that is both chemical and paraben-free as well as palm oil-free.

Every shaving bar by Jungle Culture uses only organic ingredients plus a dash of sodium hydroxide (a key ingredient of every soap).

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