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Can you shave your pubic hair with a safety razor?

Despite the safety razor being invented well over 100 years ago, our customers still often ask us whether you can shave “everywhere” with a safety razor.

In fact, one of the most common pre-purchase questions we receive is “Can you shave your pubic hair with a safety razor?”

And it’s not just women who want to know, manscaping has long been commonplace, across the spectrum of gender everybody wants to understand if you can use a safety razor to shave the hair on your body and not just on your face.

The answer… is interesting, and may surprise you.

Let’s start with addressing whether men can shave their pubic hair with a safety razor. If you’re a woman, feel free to skip ahead.

Can you manscape with a safety razor?

Whether you can manscape with a safety razor depends on what “style” you’re going for. Are you a clean shaven type of guy, or are you trying to achieve a subtle stubble?

If you’re trying to trim your pubic hair and not completely shave it off, then we’d recommend using an electric razor.

This razor from Braun is especially good. It’s pricey at £199.99 but it comes with a 5 year warranty and in our experience, it works really well when compared to other electric razors.

If you’re interested in a clean shave, then a reusable metal safety razor is definitely your best option.

Starting at just £18.99, safety razors are infinitely reusable, plastic-free and replacement blades are just £3.99 for 10 (or less with a subscription).

Now… Let’s address the elephant in the room… or should we say, let’s address the elephant’s trunk!

Is it safe to shave your genitals with a safety razor? The answer is yes, and here’s how…

how to shave your dick with a safety razor

How to shave your genitals with a safety razor - Men

Firstly, we always recommend shaving in the shower. The warm water and steam helps to open your pores, allowing you to get a closer and more comfortable shave.

Once you’re in the shower, start by equipping a fresh double edged safety razor blade and apply the best natural shaving soapto the area that you’d like to shave.

Now, simply shave like you would with a disposable plastic razor. Try to pull the skin taut to make sure you get the closest possible shave, and for added safety. 

If you’re new to the world of manscaping, don’t rush, go slow and be careful. Use your razor at a 45 degree angle andonly shave in straight lines.

The skin around your pubic region can often be quite tender and needs extra protection to ensure that you don’t end up with shaving rashes and ingrown hairs. That is why we always recommend using aftercare products to moisturise and rejuvenate skin that has been through an effective “trauma”.

Tea tree oil based products like this Australian bodycare gel are very good for after shaving or this set from Bart’s is great too.

If you do not have any post-shave products at home, you can use a standard moisturiser or an aloe vera gel will do the trick!

how to shave your vagina with a safety razor

How to shave your genitals with a safety razor - women

Shaving for women and men is broadly a similar experience. But to recap, we advise:

- Always shaving in the bath or shower as the steam helps to open your pores, giving you a cleaner and smoother shave. 

- Always using plenty of natural shaving soap. Even if you’re purchasing shaving soap from another brand, we always recommend going chemical-free. The skin around your genitals is especially sensitive and chemicals can cause shaving rashes and bumps.

Psst…(We’ve also written this dedicated article to help you avoid shaving rashes)

- Always using a fresh double edged safety razor blade. Sharp blades create less friction which helps to lessen, reduce and avoid shaving burn and rashes. 

Keeping these tips in mind will help you shave cleanly and effortlessly. 

Now, when shaving “down there”, be sure to take it slow, shave in straight lines, bend your razor at a 45 degree angle and pull your skin taut when shaving.

Other than that, using a safety razor to shave your pubic hair is a very similar experience to using a disposable razor. 

Post-shave care products for women

Australian bodycare - Designed to relieve shaving rash symptoms and dry skin.

Bulldog shaving balm - A unisex product. We like this balm because it’s just small enough to take on a plane. Perfect for travelling.

Gillette balm - We’ve never tested Gillette’s post shave balm, but if you prefer to trust a household name, here it is.

Woo Woo Post shave balm - Our favourite post shave balm for women, this aftershave product contains aloe vera and chamomile which are perfect for soothing skin.

Femfresh - Not a balm, but it’s the best daily wash for intimate areas.

is shaving or waxing more sustainable

Shaving vs. Waxing - Which is more eco-friendly?

There is much debate over the “most” sustainable form of hair removal. Shaving can use more water, but if you’re going to take a bath anyway, then the additional water use might be negligible.

Waxing usually means using more plastic and synthetics, but no water.

This may be a topic for another day, but until then, we’ll leave you with another fantastic article from the Green Hub which outlines the most environmentally friendly way to shave. Click here to learn more.


To round things up, yes, both men and women can use a safety razor to shave their pubic region, but sadly not to trim!

Be careful, go slow, straight strokes, tilt your razor at a 45 degree angle and use the pre-shave and post-shave products that we recommend above and you’ll be just fine.

If you have any other questions about using a safety razor or shaving in general, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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