At Jungle Culture we have a unique view on product sourcing. We have created an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Part of our philosophy as an ethical business is to empower and support developing communities by working together to create environmentally friendly, unique plastic-alternatives. Our range of eco-friendly products are all responsibly sourced, in person, by us, so that you, the consumer does not have to bear the burden of responsibility when you shop with Jungle Culture.

Developing a sustainable supply chain isn’t easy. Our team have spent years searching for high-quality Earth-friendly products, produced by people whose values are aligned to ours. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people that made Jungle Culture possible.

Discover the cultural story behind our reusable bamboo straw sets.

Visit our workshops in rural Vietnam where we craft our reusable utensils.

Learn how your bowls help tackle poverty in southern Vietnam.

Welcome To Our Jungle Tribe!

We’re over the moon that you have purchased one of our eco-friendly products. Or, perhaps you were lucky enough to receive one as a gift! Either way, now that you’re here, let’s help you navigate Jungle Culture!

We have created a community blog, filled with articles to help you make positive changes and we hope it inspires you to bring some jungle culture into your own home. Our blog is brimming with healthy recipes that are easy to make, sustainable tips and tricks and advice for burgeoning eco entrepreneurs!

Need some smoothie bowl inspiration? Looking for ways to reduce your waste whilst travelling? Or maybe you’re thinking of starting your own eco empire! In any case, we’ve got you covered. Our informative blog is there to help you make positive lifestyle changes, achieve your goals and reduce waste.

We have partnered with some incredible chefs, food bloggers and entrepreneurs to bring you a wealth of resources. Browse our blog and start your zero waste journey today, or if you would like to ask us a question, please get in touch!

Find out how to use our bamboo dish brushes, why you should switch to a sustainable washing up product and get some bonus tips & tricks on how to wash up better and more sustainably!
Reusable water bottles have become part of our everyday lives. They help keep us hydrated, prevent us from buying nasty plastic bottles and they just look good! But over time, our reusable water bottles can develop bacteria and odours and may need a clean!

This reusable water bottle care guide explains how to clean your metal water bottles and how to get rid of odours inside your reusable bottles!

How to use a safety razor - Sustainable shaving guide

A complete guide on how to buy, setup and shave using a sustainable safety razor. Eco friendly shaving has never been easier or cheaper. Switch today and stop using disposable razors!


What makes Jungle Culture unique?

Jungle Culture is a responsible brand who advocate for sustainable living. All of our zero waste swaps are reusable and designed to promote sustainable living.

We source organic products from farms that we personally visit as much as we can to ensure our ethical standards are being met. You can delve into the unique stories behind our unique products below.

We will never mass-produce our products. Our eco-friendly range is unique because they are hand-crafted and made with love.

We only partner with brands who we trust and whose ethos is in harmony with our own. A fraction of our profit is donated to environmental charities. We’ll never profit from an order from a charity either, all we do is charge enough to cover the costs.

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1% for the planet

Jungle Culture is proud to be an accredited member of the 1% for the planet Organisation. 1% of our total sales is given directly to charities and non-profits whose efforts are focused on the restoration of our environment.

That means that whatever product you have unwrapped today contributes to revitalising the very earth we sourced it from.

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Go Zero Waste Today

If you’re looking for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve written tons of handy guides. We want to inspire our community to be as zero-waste as possible whilst making it fun and not a chore. The Jungle Culture team love to eat well so you’ll find plenty of foodie tips, tricks and recipes too.

Flick through our blog and let us know if you want us to cover something specific.

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Partner With Us

We can’t save the planet alone; we need your help! All of our organic, ethically sourced products are available at affordable wholesale prices. We offer a cost-effective customisation service as well.

That makes stocking your cafe with reusable bamboo straws or populating your own e-commerce store a walk in the park. Or should we say, jungle?

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Get Published

We love to get inspired by you as much as we love to inspire. If you have a recipe or healthy eating tip you’d like to share with the tribe we would love to publish.

Send us your smoothie recipes, smoothie bowl creations and plant-based meals to be in with a chance at being featured on our site!

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How Are We Doing?

We like to know what our customers really think about our products. Are you satisfied or do you think we could improve? Is there a product you’d like us to create?

Let us know your thoughts. And be honest!

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