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At Jungle Culture we have a unique view on product sourcing. We have created an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Part of our philosophy as an ethical business is to empower and support developing communities by working together to create environmentally friendly, unique plastic-alternatives. Our range of eco-friendly products are all responsibly sourced, in person, by us, so that you, the consumer does not have to bear the burden of responsibility when you shop with Jungle Culture.

Developing a sustainable supply chain isn’t easy. Our team have spent years searching for high-quality Earth-friendly products, produced by people whose values are aligned to ours. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people that made Jungle Culture possible.

Discover the cultural story behind our reusable bamboo straw sets.

Visit our workshops in rural Vietnam where we craft our reusable utensils.

Learn how your bowls help tackle poverty in southern Vietnam.

How to care for your coconut bowls

Once you’ve invested in your beautifully boho set of organic coconut bowls, the next step is to know exactly how to care for them.

Your new bowl has led a fascinating life. All of our bowls are sourced from the Bến Tre province in Southern Vietnam. This tropical area is famed for its high quality coconuts. These are used to create products you’ll have in your pantry, such as cooking oils and milks.

Once the coconuts are harvested, the trees, shells and husks are typically burned to make space for new crops. Jungle Culture swooped in here and decided to find a zero-waste alternative. And that’s exactly how our eco-friendly products came to be. By recycling the bowls ethically, we are also providing the local villagers a much needed second income.

Lavish your bowls with love, and they will give you a lifetime in return. Find out exactly how to care for your coconut bowls right here.


How to clean your organic coconut bowls

Handmade by nature, your coconut bowls are fragile and care must be taken when washing them. Never put your bowls in the dishwasher. Such drastic changes in temperature can cause the bowls to expand and crack. Instead, wash them with tepid water, a little soap and a soft dishcloth. Never leave them to soak in water, either!


Where to store your coconut bowls

Once your bowls are completely dry, you should store them a cool dry area where the air is circulating. As we said, coconut bowls don’t like extreme temperatures, so never store your smoothie bowl creation in the fridge between grazing.


Never put them in the microwave

Another important ‘don’t’! Your organic coconut bowls are not intended for use in the microwave, nor the oven.


Enhance your coconut bowls’ natural beauty

This one is particularly applicable to those using our bowls in restaurants and cafes. After regular use, your bowl might begin to look and feel a little dry. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly natural! To rehydrate your bowl, simply apply a little coconut oil to a soft, dry cloth. Gently rub the oil over the bowl to give it a polish! (Flaxseed, linseed or similar oils will also work)


Hot food is cool (but not too hot)

In case you were wondering, yes, you can eat both hot and cold food in your coconut bowls! That means you can tuck into smoothie bowls for breakfast, soup for lunch and buddha bowls for dinner. To prepare your bowl for heat, rinse it with warm water first. For cold food, give it a quick swill with cool water. Don’t put boiling food in though, that might crack the coconut. Let it cool first and then you can slurp away.


Don’t shy away from colour

Unlike lacquered bowls which may be stained by food that contains colouring, natural coconut products do not stain. This makes our coconut bowls perfect for use at eco-friendly weddings, kids’ parties or big-kids’ parties!

Our white lacquered coconut bowls are perfect for most foods, but foods with excessive food colouring such as curries may stain the inner surface.


Sharing is caring

As our customisable wholesale bowls are popular with cafes, restaurants and bars, we always encourage that your kitchen staff are familiarised with our care guide for your coconut bowls. The more that they are cared for, the longer they’ll keep impressing your happy patrons.


Awesome things to know about your coconut bowls

And, now you know exactly how to care for your coconut bowls! Before you skip off to the Jungle Culture store, brush up on a few fascinating facts about our eco-friendly products.


  • Our bowls come in a variety of designs. All patterns you see in the Jungle Culture store are hand carved by Vietnamese artisans. Drop us a comment telling us which is your favourite!


  • Every single coconut bowl is wholly unique, handmade by nature This means that yours may vary from the photos in the Jungle Culture store. We think that makes our eco-friendly products all the more special, don’t you?


  • If you fancy personalising your coconut bowls, then you can! Our wholesale customers love this option. Plus, it makes a gorgeously-green gift for that zero-waste enthusiast in your life



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