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How to use our bamboo dish brush set


How to use our bamboo dish brush set

Washing up isn’t just a dreaded after-dinner chore, it’s also a huge contributor to household waste with microbeads in washing up liquid, synthetic sponges and water waste all causing environmental issues.

But with big problems, come simple solutions and Jungle Culture has released a 6-piece set of bamboo dish brushes that can replace nasty nylon sponges in your kitchen.

But wait… there’s more.

Not only do our eco-friendly bamboo dish brush sets replace kitchen sponges, they also do a way better job at cleaning your dishes and each brush is designed to tackle different types of dishes.

In this guide, we’re going to run through which brushes tackle which dishes the best. So your glassware and ceramics will be protected from heavy treatment!

If you’d like to learn about the most sustainable ways to wash up in general, we’ve created a guide to washing up sustainably.

Let’s jump right in!

The everyday brush (scrubber brush)

bamboo eco scrub brush for dishes

This handheld scrubbing brush has soft sisal (grass fibre) bristles that are long and flexible. The base is a sturdy bamboo with an ergonomic grip, making it really easy to apply pressure when scrubbing off hard to beat food stains!

In my kitchen, this brush sits firmly on top of one of our Jungle Culture wood soap dishes where it overlooks my sink.

What’s the best thing about this brush?

This brush is my “go-to” washing up brush. It works really well on flat dishes such as dinner plates, side plates, pasta bowls or smaller frying pans. It’s also great for scrubbing cutlery because of the high density fibres.

This small but mighty scrubbing brush can practically be used for most dishes, with the exception of long, thin glasses. Although for some tasks other brushes are better suited, this one will cope with most jobs, so keep it close to hand!

The pan cleaner!

eco-friendly pot scrubbing brush

Look… we all have those days where we can’t face the mountain of washing up that has accrued at dinnertime and just think, meh… I’ll do it in the morning.

It’s not a crime, and yet we pay. Because it might not be a crime, but pots left overnight develop grime… And yes, that was a rhyme. (And another).

When your pots, pans and plates have cooked in grease, grime or stubborn stains, it’s time to pull out the big guns and that’s exactly what this mighty coconut fibre scourer is!

With a dense bamboo handle for grip and a circular wire head coated in coarse coconut husk fibres, this scourer can tackle any washing up task.

The biggest reason we love this brush…

One side is flat, making it perfect for scouring flat surfaces such as plates or the bottom of pans, while the other is curved which is great for tackling the rims and edges of saucepans.

Why is there a hole in it?

Glad that you asked. The hole in the center makes this brush perfect for cleaning spatulas and other cooking utensils. Simply push the utensils into the hole and pull them out again… The brush will do the rest!

The rimmer (forgive the name)

eco scouring brush

Our third brush is designed to make cleaning the rims of cups, glasses, measuring jugs etc. very simple.

It’s long and thin, so it’s perfect for cleaning glassware and the curve at the end is designed to hook around the rims of glasses, making it getting grime out of nooks and crannies simple!

The curved edge is also ideal for cleaning cutlery, especially spoons!

What do we like most about this brush?

The best thing about this brush is its multi-functionality. Much like our scrubbing brush, this long thin brush can take over 95% of your washing up tasks. Use it for almost any dish and it will perform well.

The fine china brush

sustainable dish brush

This bamboo handled brush comes with a replaceable dish brush head that can also be purchased via our website for £4.99. It’s long, skinny and has a flat brush surface with delicate sisal fibre bristles.

This brush is a joy to hold! The skinny, but curved grip is designed to complement the contours of the human hand and feel completely natural when in use!

What we like best about this brush?

The long handle makes it ideal for gentle washing up. Use this brush on high value ceramics or fine china to ensure that they are not damaged. The bristles are soft and won’t leave scratches!

The dish cloth

organic kitchen cloth

Last but not least, our soft cotton and sisal fibre dish cloths are designed for washing up that is extremely delicate.

Fine wine glasses, countertop stains and polishing wood all fall under the remit of our super soft dish cloth!

The newer versions of our bamboo dish brush set also include a cloth with a loop that is simple and easy to hang on a hook around your kitchen.

Why do we love this dish cloth?

Made from organic cotton and natural sisal fibres, this eco-friendly cloth is the friendly alternative to disposable rags.

It’s fully washable and can be used over and over again. With a lifespan of around 6-8 months, it’s incredible value for money and doesn’t damage our environment!

Other honourable mentions

Our bamboo dish brush set is designed to tackle any washing up job. However, there are a few things our brush set can’t do!

Cleaning reusable stainless steel water bottles requires a specific water bottle brush with a lengthy handle that’s designed to bend and curve into the contours of your bottle! We don’t include a bottle brush in this set, but they are available on our website!

Cleaning eco-friendly bamboo straws or reusable metal straws also requires a specialist brush.

Jungle Culture sells 3 types of straw cleaning brush made from coconut husk fibres, sisal fibres and nylon fibres.

Another great dish washing tool is the humble loofah. Often incorrectly thought to be a type of sea creature, the loofah is actually part of the cucumber family.

Used around the world as an exfoliating tool, natural loofahs are also great household cleaners. They can be sliced into sections to create sponges, washed in a machine or used to tackle stubborn grimy stains!


Hopefully after reading you’ve picked up some tricks and tips on how to use your new bamboo dish brush set!

If you are looking for an eco-friendly replacement for dish soap, here are some great recipes to make your own at home.

Our versatile sustainable dish brushes can be used in a number of ways. If you’ve found a creative way to do your washing up, send us a photo on instagram or message us in the comments below!

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