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Should You Shave Before Or After The Shower?

Should you shave before or after shower

Razor rashes and the slew of accompanying shaving related skin problems have plagued humankind for too long!

But here's the thing: Avoiding these issues, is actually pretty easy. 

It all comes down to when you shave, and how you shave. Simple.

So, should you shave before you shower or should you shave after you shower? Answering this seemingly simple question, will actually improve your shaving experience A LOT and may even help to reduce those skin irritation problems that we mentioned.

Razor burn, shaving rashes and ingrown hairs are actually pretty common and mostly caused by skin irritation and improper shaving technique. Reducing skin irritation whilst shaving is not difficult, and knowing the best time to shave can go a long way to improving the experience of shaving as a whole! In this article we're going to explain whether you should shave before or after a shower and why! If you are already suffering from razor rash, don't fear... Just head over to our article on how to get rid of razor burn.

Another easy way to improve the shaving experience is purchasing a high-quality sustainable razor and vegan shaving soap bar. Simple, but easy changes to make!

So, is it better to shave before or after shower? Let's jump right in and find out!

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should you shower before you shave

Should you shave before a shower?

Are there any benefits of shaving before showering? Is it better to shave before showering? Let's see!

  • Shaving before a shower allows you to wash off any excess hair, cuts and shaving foam left on your face, legs etc.

  • Is there anything more annoying than leaving your house for a hot date or a meal with friends, only to realise that you have hair all over you that’s constantly itching?!?

    Even worse, what if you’ve accidentally cut yourself and you have a pre-clotted cut dripping from your face? It’s embarrassing to say the least.

    Having a shave before taking a shower alleviates this issue, so that’s a big tick in the plus column for shaving prior to showering!

  • Shaving before you shower is quicker!

  • Whether you’re a man shaving your face or a woman shaving your legs with one of our ladies eco razors, shaving before you take a shower is quicker!

    No time-wasting, all business! Fill your sink, heat your razor and 10 minutes later you’re ready to go! 




  • Electric razors perform better on a dry face

  • If you use an electric razor, then the best time to shave is before showering. Electric razors are far more efficient on dry skin, than wet.

    If you’re part of the electric razor crew, stop reading and go shave your dry face! 

    What are the downsides of shaving before showering?

    Shaving before showering might be quick, but if your skin is not properly heated then the chances of cutting yourself whilst shaving increase dramatically!

    Now, that’s not to say that you can’t heat your skin properly without showering. You can use a hot towel or a good dosing of hot water before you shave to heat your skin and reduce the chances of cutting yourself.

    What’s the bottom line?

    Shaving before a shower is quicker, and easier to wash off excess hair, but it doesn’t offer your skin as much protection. 

    Let’s recap before we look at the absolute best time to shave for men and women!

    Benefits of shaving before showering:

    • Speed! Shaving before you shower is definitely going to accelerate your grooming routine!
    • It's way easier to wash off excess hair and rinse any cuts!
    • Shaving before you shower is the only way to go for electric razor users!

    should you shower after you shave

    Should you shave after a shower?

    After showering, your pores are open due to steam exposure and hair follicles open up, allowing us to shave more easily. Is it better to shave after showering? Shaving after showering has a lot of benefits and here they are:

  • Steam makes it easier to shave

  • Shaving after you’ve showered is great because your skin has been exposed to steam, which helps open your pores and expose your hair follicles!

    When your pores are open it’s a lot easier to get a close shave, and your skin will thank you for the extra time you spent showering before shaving!

    Want to know the best part?

    Steaming not only helps to make shaving after showering easier, it also comes with a bunch of additional health benefits! Read here for more info on those!

  • Shaving after you shower is better for sensitive skin

  • If, like nearly 70% of women and 60% of men, you have sensitive skin, then shaving your legs after a shower or shaving your face after a shower might just help alleviate some of those skin issues!

    When you have a shave after showering it softens the hair on your target shaving area, thereby helping to make your razor’s job that little bit easier!

    *Bonus tip: Using a pre-shave balm or lotion to add lubrication and moisture whilst showering will make the shaving experience a lot smoother (literally)!*

  • Shaving after you shower gives you that “effortless shave feeling”

  • Probably the best part of shaving after you take a shower?

    The effortlessness of the shave! It’s undeniable. Shaving after having a shower is just easier than shaving before showering. 

    Not only is it easier... it just feels cleaner too! 

    Benefits of shaving after you shower:

    • Exposing your skin to steam opens your pores, allowing for a closer shave!
    • Steam softens your hair follicles, making it easier to cut them. Reducing skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin!
    • Get that effortless shave feeling!


    tips to improve shaving

    Tips to make shaving easier

    Gone are the days when at the point of maturity, a father would drag his son into the bathroom for a lesson on “how to be a man”! (For most people).

    Safety razors and disposables have made shaving a lot more simple than in the olden’ days, when one slip of a cut throat razor could send you to the local hospital!

    All that being said, the task of removing hair still comes with a few challenges (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?).

    Jungle Culture is a company of shavers and groomers, so here are our top tips for improving your shaving experience:

    1. Switch to a plastic-free reusable razor. Whether you buy one from us, or somewhere else, not only will this improve your shaving experience, it will also save you a ton of money too!

    2. Invest in a high-quality natural shaving soap bar and well made safety razor blades. How can you expect to have a good shave with low-quality products? Using a shaving soap that contains ingredients that are conducive to shaving is vital, as is using premium razor blades. If they’re not sufficiently sharp then the chances of cutting yourself are dramatically increased!

    3. Make shaving a luxury experience by purchasing shaving balm, lotion and pre-shave oil. Not only will this help to hydrate and moisturise your skin, it turns shaving from a chore into a spa-esque activity!

    4. Go with the grain! Most hair on our bodies grows in wildly different directions. This causes problems when we shave as we don’t take note of our hair growth patterns and it’s impossible to see once you have a thick layer of shaving froth on your skin! Learn how your hair grows and shave with the grain to reduce skin irritation.

    should you shave before or after showering conclusion

    Final Thoughts:

    Shaving before taking a shower has its upsides! It’s fast, helps wash off excess hair and of course, you can’t wet shave with an electric razor!

    But overall, here at Jungle Culture, we are throwing our weight on the side of shaving after showering, or even better (if you have a fogless mirror), shaving whilst showering!

    Shaving in the shower is as good as shaving after a shower with the added benefit of the shower keeping your skin warm. This might not be very important for men who are shaving their faces before or after a shower, but for women, shaving your legs in the shower or in the bath can be a lot easier and lead to better results than shaving after showering! An added bonus is that it's a lot easier to clean up if you shave your legs in the shower! Just make sure that you don't let too much hair go down the drain or it can become blocked!

    If you feel like shaving is a bit of a chore, then our main recommendation is to revamp your shaving routine! Invest in some luxurious shaving products and don’t view shaving as a time-consuming grooming errand, view it as a relaxing, home-spa routine!

    So, to summarise: Should I shave before or after shower? It's a solid after from us!

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