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7 Reasons not to fear your safety razor

Have you been hearing great things about safety razors but feel intimidated by them? Women's safety razors have gained popularity in recent years as a great way to reduce waste and save money doing it!

You’re not alone. Ever since we launched our unisex safety razors, we’ve been inundated with queries from prospective customers who are curious, eager, yet daunted by making the switch. More often than not, those concerns relate to women who are looking at more sustainable alternatives to disposable razors. 

That’s why we’ve decided to bust some of the common myths out there and give you peace of mind about this zero-waste swap. Here are 7 reasons not to fear your safety razor!

What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is also known as a double-edged razor blade. They were dubbed as ‘safety’ razors as they were considered to be safer in comparison with the straight edge razors used by professional barbers. The very first reusable safety razors were introduced as a means for men to shave at home, without having to rely on a costly trip to the barbershop. They provided a protective guard to guide the angle of the blade and shield the skin.

Nowadays, safety razors are gaining popularity with women as much as men, for a bounty of reasons. They offer a much closer shave, cause less skin irritation, and are significantly kinder to the environment. They can even shave a few pennies off your grooming budget!

Why you shouldn’t be scared of your safety razor

1.       Your safety razor does exactly what it says

There’s a reason we call it a safety razor. If men can use an eco-friendly razor on their face without peril, then that speaks volumes about the safety of this type of razor! We recommend that women get the hang of this eco-friendly razor by shaving the legs first. Once you’ve mastered the legs, you can progress to more challenging areas. Knees, underarms, bikini line – the unisex safety razor can be used in all locations. If you’re nervous the first time, shave whilst soaking in the tub or sit down in the shower for more stability.

2.       Anyone can adopt the new technique

Many women are concerned that safety razors are more likely to result in a few knicks and cuts. This is one of the most common fears due to the sharpness of the blades. But, you’re far less likely to implement any damage with a sharp safety blade than with a blunt disposable cartridge. All you need to do is remember that safety razors require a different technique, which is easy to master. Always hold the razor at 45 degrees to your skin and take it slowly. There’s no need to apply too much pressure.

3.       Safety razors are suitable for sensitive skin

Some dermatologists believe that a double-edged safety razor is less likely to cause skin irritation than alternative multi-blade razors. That’s because a series of three, four or five blades are dragging across the skin in one swoop. Safety razors are less likely to cause ingrown hairs too. So if you are prone to these or have sensitive skin, a safety razor might save you a lot of bother. Using a high-quality shaving soap bar will also help to reduce irritation whilst shaving. It is possible to shave without shaving soap, but we wouldn't recommend it!

4.       You’ll get the closest shave

As well as less irritation, safety razors also enable a far closer shave - which means a superior, silky finish. This is thanks to that sharp blade that you’re biting your nails over. A safety razor results in far less drag on the skin and much less bulk building up between the blades.

5.       Your safety razor is environmentally-friendly

Seeing as you’ve ended up on the Jungle Culture website, it’s very likely that you’re here looking for ways to go zero-waste. Good news - swapping your disposable razor for a reusable safety razor is one of the best ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable. Plastic razors are as much a culprit as single-use plastic straws when it comes to plastic pollution. After a handful of uses, they are tossed into landfill, and it’s estimated that billions of razor are discarded each year. Meanwhile, the Jungle Culture safety razor for women will last for years. All you need to do is replace the blades - and in most cases the blades can be recycled.

6.       And it’s cost-effective!

Once you’ve invested in your razor, it should last you a lifetime. You can purchase a safety razor for as little as £16.99 ($20) and a pack of 10 blades will cost you £3.99 ($5). How long you can use each blade varies from person to person, but you should expect between 8 and 16 shaves per blade. Tot up how much you are currently spending on disposable razors and cartridges each month. You’ll be amazed by how much you could save!

7.        Pair your safety razor with our organic shaving soap

Jungle Culture works with artisan soap makers in Vietnam to produce a range of organic and plastic-free shaving soap bars. We have created shaving soap bars in two luxurious scents: Soothing aloe vera and mint + Charcoal and cracked black pepper. (Update: We've also released a great new range of natural body soaps too!)

Which safety razor should I buy?

Now, we hope you feel confident that you are in safe hands with your safety razor. Choose between our bamboo razors as well as metal safety razors in 5 different stunning colours. They come with a handy little travel pouch for easy portability. You can purchase packs of blades from our online store as well. If you still need some convincing, have a read over these reviews for our eco-friendly safety razor. 





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