At Jungle Culture we have a unique view on product sourcing. We have created an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Part of our philosophy as an ethical business is to empower and support developing communities by working together to create environmentally friendly, unique plastic-alternatives. Our range of eco-friendly products are all responsibly sourced, in person, by us, so that you, the consumer does not have to bear the burden of responsibility when you shop with Jungle Culture.

Developing a sustainable supply chain isn’t easy. Our team have spent years searching for high-quality Earth-friendly products, produced by people whose values are aligned to ours. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people that made Jungle Culture possible.

Discover the cultural story behind our reusable bamboo straw sets.

Visit our workshops in rural Vietnam where we craft our reusable utensils.

Learn how your bowls help tackle poverty in southern Vietnam.

How long do coconut bowls last?

Coconut shell bowls have emerged as the perfect vessel for smoothie bowls, salad, ramen and more. Their natural and rustic appearance has made them particularly popular with Instagram influencers seeking to stand out from the overcrowded food blogging scene!

But how long do coconut bowls actually last? Are there any ways to make them last longer? And what makes them so special?

How long do coconut bowls last?

Organic coconut bowls and coconut cups like the ones from Jungle Culture are completely natural. No chemicals or treatment of any kind are used to produce them.

This is fantastic news, but it also means that coconut bowls need some extra love and care to keep them looking good for longer!

The definitive answer is that if you take care of your bowls, wash them gently by hand and polish them once in a while then they will last you a lifetime.

How do I take care of my coconut bowls?

Here are some quick rules for making sure that your bowls stay healthy:

  1. Hand wash your coconut bowls with warm soapy water. (no dishwashers)
  2. Avoid microwaves! Natural products and microwaves do not work well together!
  3. Be swift! Wash your coconut bowls after using them, don’t let them soak for a long time.
  4. Give them some love once in a while! Virgin coconut oil, flaxseed or linseed oil rubbed into your bowls helps them to remain colourful!

For a more detailed breakdown of how to care for your coconut bowls, read our care guide.

What makes coconut bowls special?

Coconut bowls are a completely unique and organic product. They are environmentally friendly and provide farmers in Vietnam, Indonesia and other developing countries with an opportunity to earn much needed additional income.

As well as providing supplementary income for farmers in developing countries, the natural shape of a coconut bowl makes it absolutely perfect for housing stunning smoothie bowls!

If you’re just getting started with coconut bowls, why not check out our latest blog for some easy to make healthy recipes!

In addition to coconut bowls, our farmers in Vietnam now also produce a stunning range of coconut shell candles. What's more, we've written a step-by-step guide explaining how to make coconut shell candles, so that you can turn one of our coconut bowls or a fresh coconut into a stunning zero waste candle!

If you’ve enjoyed reading about coconut bowls and want to grab a set for yourself or as a sustainable gift, use the code “BLOG” for 10% off our coconut bowl sets.

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Jeanne Brown

Jeanne Brown

February 13, 2023

Mine didn’t last very long. I bought two about a year or so ago. The first I dropped and it shattered, which is my fault. The second one sprung a leak. I don’t know why, but it did. I hand wash all of my dishes and pots and pans, but I admit that I am hard on my dishes. Just know that if you are going to invest the money, you really do need to take good care of them.

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