Are Zero Waste Shops Expensive?

November 19, 2019

Is Zerowaste Expensive?

Starting a zerowaste lifestyle can be daunting. A lot of our customers ask us how to start being zerowaste and what are the first steps to living a low-impact lifestyle?

There’s also the matter of cost. Some low-impact products are expensive! Especially when compared to their plastic alternatives.

So we tackle the question of just how expensive is it to live zerowaste or close to it! And as a nice little bonus we also include a few great tips to help aspiring eco citizens achieve their goals!

Is buying zero waste products expensive?

Part of our philosophy at Jungle Culture is to make plastic-free items accessible, which means we don’t add unnecessary cost to products that can help save the world. If we feel that a product isn’t accessible to the average person, then we make a cheaper version so that everybody can enjoy it!

Even still… being eco does still come with added cost.

So how can you be an eco-friendly citizen, respect the Earth, be sustainable and do it all without emptying your bank balance? 

Buy wisely and buy with a long-term mindset.

Sticking to brands with a reputation for quality and long lasting products means that your water bottle, reusable straw set or safety razor will serve it’s purpose long into the future.

The key to being sustainable is not shopping a lot. We as a society need to think more carefully about where we spend our money. We need to place more value in our purchases and love the things that we buy.

Be Zerowaste, but save money doing it!

Low-impact products can be expensive. But many of them last a long time, so you gain value for money over a longer period.

But food can be cheaper! Try taking some small containers to a zero waste store and filling up on the things that you use regularly.

Without the excess packaging the goods normally cost less than their supermarket alternatives and you won’t be impacting our environment.

Plastic-free tips..

The bottom line is that even if you feel like you can’t afford to cut down on plastic. You can always make small changes that impact the world in a big way.

Start small and with incremental improvement. Buy a single stainless steel straw, or a reusable coffee cup. Build a habit of using them and over time switch everything over.

Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

- Brainstorming idea… Go to Pinterest. There are thousands of articles teaching aspiring zero wasters how to get started. Don’t end your research here.

- Try buying in person. We are an online retail store, so please appreciate this comment! Buying in person can be cheaper… If you don’t want to buy a pack of 6 or 12 straws and think you only need 1, go to your local zero waste store and buy a singular straw. It will save on postage costs. If you want Jungle Straws, send us a message and we will tell you where you can find our brand near you.

- Reusable is always better than single-use. There are lots of eco-friendly, single-use alternatives out there, but try to avoid these and think long-term. Even if they are made from biodegradable materials, somewhere along the line there will be plastic used in their creation and shipping emissions too! Stick to something that only needs to be made once and lasts a lifetime.

That’s all from us today!

If you have any tips of your own, comment below and let everybody know!


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