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The 5 most inspiring zero waste blogs

 Pretext: This article isn’t ordered in any particular way. Number 1 does not mean the best or worst. All the blogs that feature on this list are superb in their own ways and each offer value in different forms. Personally, I have no favourite and I think each blogger is doing a sterling job!


  1. Going Zero Waste


Going zero waste is a widely-known blog run by Kathryn. An American woman who began questioning her buying behaviour after going through a health scare which was linked to intrusive skin products.


Her blog articles are insightful, skilfully written and mind-bogglingly relevant. There really are articles to satisfy all tastes on her site and if you need inspiration then Going Zero Waste is the place to find it. Kathryn is also very active on Pinterest, so if you aren’t into blogs and prefer visual stimulation, then…


  • You probably won’t be reading this article
  • Check out her Pinterest page by the same name


Why it’s great: Insightful, wide-ranging topics with great associated social media content


  1. Litterless



Litterless is an eco-friendly advice forum curated by an environmental writer named Celia. She is US-based, sorry UK zero waste fans. Her articles describe where to start zero waste, where to buy zero waste and how to live a zero waste lifestyle whilst still acknowledging that we are all imperfect and striving to be better.


I particularly like her articles on how to be zero waste whilst travelling and where to start zero waste. She includes links to essential products through the home page of her website, although many items are only available in the US.


Why it’s great: Beautifully laid out, minimal website.


  1. Conscious by Chloe


Conscious by Chloe is a webpage run by a young French girl living in the US. Her website is particular useful for people who want to know how to zero waste shop or how to zero waste shop on Amazon.


Chloe has curated an extensive list of Amazon items for aspiring zero wasters. It’s a great place to find an all-in-one product list for people trying to become more eco-friendly.


Why it’s great: Huge shopping list for people ready to take action!



  1. Zero Waste Life



Zero waste life is a charming website run by two UK-based zero waste writers, Charlotte & Anna. Their articles delve into why a zero waste lifestyle is important and explore different topics and products that can help readers achieve zero waste.


The website feels a lot more personal than other blogs and their writing style is much more informal which makes the site both unique and endearing.


Why it’s great: Practical advice from writer’s who feel like friends.


  1. Hungry City Hippy


Hungry City Hippy is less of a zero waste blog and more of a food and travel blog for people who want to think more sustainably.


Jane (the writer) is a talented blogger and writes primarily about things that are important to her, as well as providing great recommendations based on her experiences.


She is based in Cardiff so many recommendations are limited to the local area and London, although I wouldn’t let this discourage you from visiting her site as there is still a lot of value in her articles for non-UK based zero waste enthusiasts.


Why it’s great: Specialised food & travel advice




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