What Is Bamboo Cutlery?

November 10, 2019


What Is Bamboo Cutlery?

Reusable bamboo cutlery has become a big part of the sustainable, eco-friendly and zerowaste movement. But what is it? 

Plastic waste and single-use plastic cutlery has become a big problem all around the world and consumers and businesses are frantically looking for solutions… Enter bamboo cutlery.


Reusable bamboo cutlery has given consumers the opportunity to avoid plastic by taking their own cutlery out with them in a stylish pouch. It’s not only more environmentally friendly than plastic cutlery.. It’s just plain better!


Bamboo cutlery is made using natural bamboo that is sustainably farmed and has little to no environmental impact. It provides jobs to people in regions of the world that desperately need them and it’s strong, durable and lightweight.


So here are some of the questions we get asked about our cutlery:


Is Bamboo Cutlery Safe?


Of course! Our bamboo cutlery is 100% organic. Thoroughly washed and contains no toxic materials.


Can Bamboo Cutlery be Recycled? If so, How do I Dispose of my Bamboo Cutlery Set?


Bamboo is 100% biodegradable. We don’t use any chemicals or toxins to create our sets, so when you are finished using yours, simply throw them in the garden or compost bin and they will naturally degrade.


Is Bamboo Cutlery Sustainable?


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is the fastest growing plant on Earth and very very flat, which helps to minimise the effect of transporting it. Simply put, reusable bamboo cutlery is the MOST sustainable form of cutlery except eating with your hands!


How Long Does Bamboo Cutlery Last?


Bamboo cutlery can last years with little or no degradation. Watch out for our article on ‘How to care for your bamboo cutlery’ with helpful tips on how to make your set last for longer!


We hope you enjoyed our article explaining what bamboo cutlery is! If you have any more questions or comments feel free to post them below!


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