Can Bamboo Cutlery Be Recycled?

December 06, 2019

Can Bamboo Cutlery Be Recycled?

Bamboo utensils are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. But are bamboo cutlery sets zerowaste? Are they sustainable? And most importantly, can bamboo cutlery be composted?

Before we answer whether bamboo cutlery can be recycled, we should firstly look at why exactly we recycle.

Recycling is the process of taking old and worn out items and turning them into new products, which therefore extends the lifecycle of the material used to make the product. Lots of things are recyclable, such as fabric and lots of types of metals.

So, can bamboo cutlery or bamboo straws be recycled? The answer is yes it can. Wood products (or technically grass) can be recycled in most instances. Bamboo straws and cutlery are no exception and in order to recycle bamboo utensils you simply need to wash them and take them to a recycling centre… But there is a better, quicker and cheaper way to dispose of your bamboo cutlery at the end of it’s life.

Compost it!

Composting is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly process than recycling. Since bamboo straws and cutlery are 100% natural there is no danger in breaking them up and using them as soil fertiliser.

In many Western countries we have compost bins. And for those that do, simply break up your cutlery or chop it into a few pieces to help it biodegrade and place it in your compost bin with excess food and organics.

If you do not have a compost bin, your bamboo cutlery and straws are essentially sticks! Just break them into a few pieces and toss them into the soil in your garden. Insects and plants will have no trouble breaking them down.

Any other composting tips – Feel free to post them in the comments below!

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