At Jungle Culture we have a unique view on product sourcing. We have created an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Part of our philosophy as an ethical business is to empower and support developing communities by working together to create environmentally friendly, unique plastic-alternatives. Our range of eco-friendly products are all responsibly sourced, in person, by us, so that you, the consumer does not have to bear the burden of responsibility when you shop with Jungle Culture.

Developing a sustainable supply chain isn’t easy. Our team have spent years searching for high-quality Earth-friendly products, produced by people whose values are aligned to ours. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people that made Jungle Culture possible.

Discover the cultural story behind our reusable bamboo straw sets.

Visit our workshops in rural Vietnam where we craft our reusable utensils.

Learn how your bowls help tackle poverty in southern Vietnam.

Where to buy zero waste wholesale products?

Where to buy zero waste wholesale products?

In this article, we're going to run you through where to buy zero waste products wholesale (and other products) and we're also going to show you some easy, never-fail ways to find products that sell well online and in-store!

Where can I buy zero waste products wholesale?

  • Direct from the brand

  • Buying directly from a brand is simple, safe and normally quite easy!

    When you buy directly from a brand, you’re supporting their small business, energising their team and you can be certain that the majority of the proceeds go directly to the brand themselves!

    Here are some things to consider when purchasing directly from a brand:


    • The full sale amount will go to the brand and their team with the exception of credit card and banking fees
    • Buying from a brand directly means that they’ll normally receive and dispatch the order more quickly than if you buy from another place
    • You are guaranteed the lowest price on the market


    • Sometimes buying from a brand can require emailing an order form and paying an invoice. Jungle Culture operates a wholesale website, so this is not necessary, but many companies still invoice their clients.
    • Not all companies have great payment terms! Distributors and wholesale platforms normally offer flexible 30-90 day payment terms. For small businesses, this normally isn’t possible, so be prepared to pay the full amount upfront.
    You have to order from lots of different places. If your shop stocks a lot of different products, you may find yourself shopping on lots of different websites.

    Faire is the largest platform for purchasing wholesale from small businesses in the world. Based in the US, Faire has over 60,000 independent brands on their platform, selling everything from home decor to garden furniture!

    Here are a few things to consider when shopping on Faire:


    • They offer free shipping and import duties: If you are based in the US and ordering from a European brand or vice versa, shopping on Faire might just be the cheapest option! Not only is shipping across the pond free, but Faire will also cover import duties too, taking the risk out of purchasing from overseas!
    • Favourable payment terms: Cash flow is king, and that’s why Faire offers up to 90-day payment terms! Incredibly, you may not have to pay for what you buy until up to 3 months later! 
    • Shop everything in one place: Track all of your orders, bookmark your favourite brands and stay up to date with new releases, all in one place! Simple!


    • High commission structure for brands: Faire charges brands 25% of every new order they receive and 15% on repeat orders. Most brands already discount their wholesale range by 50% or more, so an extra 25% will either eat into their profits, or they may adapt their pricing on Faire so you won’t be receiving the lowest price!
    • End up selling the same products as nearby shops: Faire’s goal is to take over the wholesale market, but if everybody shops there, guess what? Every shop will have similar products! Faire’s algorithm puts best selling products at the top of search, so the more you buy, the higher the products rank! Meaning some products benefit from a snowball effect!
    • Constant emails: Faire send out more than 1 email a day! Be careful or your inbox will be overflowing with sales, discounts, promotions, new arrivals and everything in between!

    Overall, Faire is a great place to shop and sell. If you’re a retailer looking to sign up to Faire, they also offer a few perks and rewards to new customers.

    To take advantage of the rewards as a retailer - Click here

    Faire also offers rewards to new brands who have signed up to their platform. To take advantage of the rewards as a brand - Click here

    Ankorstore is an EU-based wholesale platform that represents the largest amount of European brands! Over 15,000 European brands sell on Ankorstore and more than 200,000 retailers shop there too!

    They operate in 23 European countries and offer a huge selection of products!

    Here are some of the benefits of sourcing wholesale products on Ankorstore:


    • Free shipping & import duties: Similarly to Faire, Ankorstore offers free shipping and import duties for all of their retailers. This is especially important if you are an EU-based brand buying UK products or vice versa! 
    • Attractive payment terms: Like Faire, Ankorstore offers great payment terms of up to 60 days! Typically, this is unheard of when purchasing from smaller brands!
    • Almost anywhere in Europe: Ankorstore operates in more countries than Faire and you can purchase wholesale products from brands all over Europe in almost any European country! 


    • Minimum orders of 100EUR: Look… In all honesty, most brands have minimum order quantities (MOQs) of £250 + for wholesale purposes, so €100 is actually not that much! That being said, all brands on Ankorstore must have this MOQ, and some brands offer lower minimums off of Ankorstore!
    • US buyers look away: So far Ankorstore has made no attempt to infiltrate the US market, so buyers and sellers that live stateside will have to use Faire… for now!
    • No personalisation: As of April 2022, Ankorstore does not allow brands to offer personalised or white label products, meaning that although lots of brands have this option, you cannot buy rebranded products on Ankorstore.

    Overall we really like Ankorstore’s platform. Their commission and payment structure is slightly fairer than Faire’s and Ankorstore makes it really simple to purchase from multiple brands! Sign up to their site and they’ll also send you great offers throughout the year!

    New retailers can shop Jungle Culture on Ankorstore here.

    Don’t forget to use our referral code “LIFT-RWCWLUA8” for a discount and free shipping!

    • Abound Wholesale

    Abound floats under the radar a little bit in the face of larger competitors, but actually it’s a great platform and really easy to use!

    Abound has a smaller market share when compared to Faire or Ankorstore, but they offer great deals and operate in both the US and UK markets!

    Here are the benefits of using Abound:


    • Free shipping and returns: For a limited time Abound is offering free shipping on ALL orders. They always offer free returns within 60 days, so shopping on their platform is risk-free!
    • Great payment terms: We must sound like a broken record, but Abound also offers 60-day payment terms, making shopping on their site pain-free!
    • Focused on local: Although Abound operates in the US & the UK, shoppers can only purchase from brands who are based in their region. This local focus cuts down on emissions when ordering from overseas brands!


    • Not as much choice: Abound is smaller than Faire/Ankorstore and because of that, the product range is smaller. 
    • No EU-based brands: Abound does not operate in the EU yet, so European retailers will have to shop elsewhere!
    • Less offers and discounts: Ankorstore & Faire have flooded the wholesale market with compelling offers, discounts and promotions, whereas Abound have been relatively quiet on this front! Abound do send out the occasional offer, but in general their competitors offer bigger savings! 

    Abound’s commission structure is the lowest of the 3 websites aforementioned, so more of what you pay does go to the brand itself and for that reason we’ve included it high up on our list! The only downside at the moment is that Abound does not operate well internationally!

    For UK retailers, shop Jungle Culture at Abound and receive a welcome credit voucher by clicking here.

    For US retailers, shop Jungle Culture at Abound and receive a welcome credit voucher by clicking here.

    • Creoate Wholesale Marketplace

    Creoate is a UK-based wholesale marketplace with over 200,000 products and 5,000+ brands! Creoate is the only other platform (as well as Faire) that offers Europe-wide shipping and shipping to the US!

    They also offer a ton of deals for new retailers! Here are some of Creoate’s key benefits:


    • Free shipping on some orders: Creoate’s shipping policy is not as generous as other wholesale platforms, but they do offer free shipping on qualifying orders, which are normally orders over £300/$300/300EUR
    • They ship almost anywhere: Whether you’re based in Texas or Portugal, Creoate has you covered with their expansive shipping policy.
    • Regular sales: Creoate’s sales come thick and fast! Sign up to their newsletter and wait, it won’t be long until your inbox is being peppered with discounts.


    • Confusing platform: New retailers invited by brands receive 40% off of £500, with free shipping, but isn’t free shipping just for orders over £300? Creoate’s deals can sometimes be hard to understand, but it’s not a huge issue!
    • Support isn’t as good as other platforms: Whenever we message Creoate about an issue, we expect a 4-5 day wait time instead of a 4-5 hour wait time from other platforms! Normally this isn’t a huge problem, but if your order is lost in transit, it could be!
    • Hard to connect with retailers: Creoate doesn’t tell you who bought your products, so if you’re a retailer, don’t expect a personal relationship with the brands you buy from!

    All in all Creoate is a good place to shop for wholesale products and it’s growing. At the moment it’s a bit rough around the edges, when compared to it’s more mature competitors.

    First time using Creoate? Use our referral link for 40% off a £500/$500/€500 order.

    Click here to take advantage of the discount.

    How to source best selling zero waste products

    Now that we’ve shown you where to purchase zero waste products, let’s look into how to find good brands that sell good products!

    Once you find a brand or product that you want to sell, you can use the platforms above to search for them!

    Knowing where to buy plastic-free products wholesale in the UK, EU and US (USA) can have its challenges. But there are lots of great ways to find the best sustainable wholesale products and the highest-selling zero waste products for your store. You just need to know where to look.

    However, as an ethical business, you also want to find plastic-free wholesale products that are low-impact and responsibly made. Ones that contribute to a worthy cause. So how can we distinguish between a product that is sourced ethically and one that isn’t?

    Well, we’ve collated a guide that gives you tips about seeking zero waste wholesale products, advice on where to shop, and how to spot greenwashing.

    How to find zero waste wholesale products

    Before we tell you exactly where to buy zero waste wholesale products, let’s talk about what you need to look for. Here are some top tips from the Jungle Culture team on how to find low-impact wholesale products.

    1. Source local wholesale products (if possible)

    If you can source locally, this is great as it means you can have more of a relationship with your supplier. Find out if there is a manufacturer or supplier in your hometown or region. Perhaps you can visit their workshop or warehouse and have a browse before committing, and start a dialogue. This will result in a smaller carbon footprint in terms of delivery!

    2. Look for a wholesaler who uses plastic-free packaging

    If you place a bulk order for earth friendly bamboo straws and your delivery turns up shrouded in plastic, you might doubt your wholesaler’s authenticity. And with good cause! All zero waste companies strive to keep their entire business plastic-free and low-impact. Before you place an order, enquire about their packaging. Is it recyclable? Biodegradable?

    3. Ask questions

    Leading on from this - whether you shop locally or from an online supplier, don’t shy away from asking any other questions. You want to know that the products were sourced and crafted ethically as well as in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

    Ask about where the materials come from - are they grown organically and using sustainable methods? Enquire about the production methods - who is creating the products?

    4. Learn the backstory

    Great products usually have a fascinating story behind them, which your chosen brand will be eager to share. Find out what it is and share that on your website. The chances are that your own customers will want to know the backstory and culture of your products too. 

    5. Test the products

    Before you start selling eco-friendly products or using them in your business, make sure you experiment with them. It is worth collecting some samples from zero waste wholesale products companies. Then, you can use these for yourself. Whether that’s coconut bowls or women's safety razors - play around and try to compare several products from competing businesses.

    6. Seek out start-ups

    You’ll find that some of the wholesale zero waste products come from companies who have been around for years. But, the sustainable market is booming which means there are lots of start-ups cropping up all over the place.

    Working with a start-up can be beneficial. You might find that the company is more flexible with your budget - particularly if you too are a start-up or smaller business. 

    Where to find zero waste wholesale products

    Now you know what to look for and some considerations to bear in mind. Now, let’s find out where you can purchase zero waste products wholesale. 


    zero waste wholesale products

    Etsy is a really useful tool for researching sustainable wholesale products that look good and sell well. Using Etsy’s search function you can filter by whether a product is handmade, the material used, and if the product ships from your country.

    Furthermore, it’s also easy to see the sales potential of products on Etsy by visiting the shop that sells the product. Here you can see the amount of sales each seller receives for a particular item.

    Secondly, reviews are also an important tool which allows you to understand the quality of the product before making a purchase.

    As a platform, Etsy is very wholesale friendly. In fact, messaging sellers to ask for a wholesale brochure is not against Etsy’s policies as they encourage the growth of small businesses.

    Etsy can also be a really great platform for finding unique ethical products for shops and e-commerce businesses. Lots of small, sustainable and local manufacturers sell on Etsy and would probably love to hear from a budding eco entrepreneur like yourself!


    zero waste products wholesale

    Pinterest is primarily a visual platform for sharing beautiful content. That makes it a fantastic place for gathering ideas and finding plastic-free wholesale products that look incredible!

    Whereas Instagram’s algorithm favours larger brands, Pinterest shows only what its own users define as visually pleasing. This makes it easier to discover small and up-and-coming sustainable brands.

    It can be difficult to gauge the sale’s potential for a product found on Pinterest. However, it is relatively easy to find unique and special brands and then organise them into neat and tidy collections.

    Pinterest can also be a great source of useful blog articles. There are lots of other eco friendly stores, shops and online retailers who have written handy guides that explain how to set up a zero waste store and how to find products for your zero waste store.

    Local markets and local zero waste stores

    wholesale zerowaste products

    Nothing beats getting out into the real world to look with your eyes.

    Weekend markets and your local zero waste stores may carry products that are both ethical and interesting. Spend some time browsing products and buy some samples to test before you start selling.

    Most eco friendly product manufacturers will request an MOQ (Minimum order quantity) from potential clients. This is typically between £150-250. However, suppliers of zero waste products are normally quite friendly and if you ask politely for a sample then they will normally oblige for a small fee.

    Some zero waste suppliers, including Jungle Culture do not request MOQs. It can be really important to find brands like this when you first open a store to reduce the amount you need to spend on products. It's also a great opportunity to test the products yourself! Some products, like shaving soaps, coconut shell candles and safety razors for example should be tested to ensure they are high-quality, whereas other products such as canvas shopping bags will probably be suitable without the need for testing.

    Online zero waste stores

    If you live somewhere remote or can’t find what you’re looking for, you can purchase zero waste products for wholesale from other online sellers. This is also handy if you run a dropshipping business. You can search hashtags on Instagram, scour eco friendly blogs for leads and run a Google search to find companies.

    For example, Jungle Culture and our sister company Jungle Straws. We provide zero waste products on wholesale, ranging from sustainable bamboo cutlery to organic coconut bowls to natural soaps.

    However, when shopping for wholesale zero waste products online, you need to be even more cautious. And that leads us to our next point...

    How to check whether a product is ethically-sourced?

    In the age of mass production and the internet, it can often be difficult to find truly ethical products. Many companies will state that their products are ‘organic’ and ‘ethical’, but have no idea where they are made or by whom.

    But as a zero waste store owner, how can you tell the difference between zero waste wholesale products that are ethically-sourced and those that aren’t?

    Let’s have a look at a case study… We’ll pretend that we are looking for an ethically produced bamboo cutlery set to sell in your zero waste store.

    So, you look on Etsy, Pinterest, Google etc. and find some firm favourites. They look great in photos and the brands that make them say they are plastic-free, low-impact and ethically-sourced. Perfect.

    Now, let’s open a new tab and go to and search bamboo cutlery set. See if you can find a similar looking set on Alibaba.

    Many brands will claim that a product is ethically-sourced. But, in actuality they will buy the product directly from Alibaba and add their own custom branding, without knowing anything about the product’s origin. This is called private labelling or white labelling.

    This is not to say that all products bought from Alibaba are bad and all products made outside of Alibaba are good. But it does allow you to speak to the factory directly about any concerns you may have and you may even be able to buy directly from the factory for a cheaper price!

    Talk to us

    We hope that this guide has given you some ideas on how to find eco-friendly wholesale products. If you have any questions about ethical sourcing or how to find truly low-impact products, email us or comment below. We will endeavour to help with any queries you have!

    For more information on zero waste wholesale products, visit our distribution page.

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    Hi, I’m looking for an eco friendly/zero waste wholesale company that offers a dropshipping service. Do you have any information on this?

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    Really helpful. I am glad that someone is wholesaling zero waste products not from China. Thanks for the advice.



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    I am looking for wholesale zero waste products for my shop… can you send me a brochure?



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