Benefits of Bamboo Cutlery

November 12, 2019

Is Bamboo Cutlery Sustainable?

Benefits of Bamboo Cutlery

Reusable bamboo cutlery sets are the new zerowaste eco-product of the season. So what are the benefits? Why should you switch to bamboo cutlery? Let’s find out..

  1. They are great for the environment. The best in fact.

    Bamboo is arguably the most sustainable material on the planet. It’s the world’s fastest growing plant which means that it’s perfect for farming when compared to other plants and woods.

    Bamboo is lightweight, meaning that transporting cutlery is incredibly efficient and has only a small environmental impact.

  2. Strong, durable and fit for purpose!

    Bamboo was traditionally used in Asia as a material for construction. It is still often seen as scaffolding in many countries around the world. Why? Because it is so strong.

    Bamboo is much stronger and much more hard-wearing than other similar materials which means your cutlery will last for longer without breaking.
  3. No more plastic!

    In an ideal world, street vendors and festivals would all use sustainable cutlery when they serve us food… But unfortunately costs hinder some small businesses and they choose to use plastic instead of eco-friendly alternatives.

    Why not take the decision into your own hands? Carrying a bamboo cutlery set means that you don’t need to rely on other people. You have your own. Simple.

  4. It looks great and promotes a positive lifestyle!

    Bamboo cutlery isn’t just good for the environment… it’s stylish too! And what’s more, when other people see your beautiful set, your eco-conscious attitude might just rub off on them!

Have some more benefits to mention? Comment below on what you think the biggest benefit of bamboo cutlery is!

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